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UG Rock Face Mapping


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Main Features

Fast | Simple | Powerful

LiDAR Scanning

Capture 3D point clouds OR 3D textured meshes of rock faces with the iPad Pro.


Take high quality rock face photographs using the iPad`s built-in camera.


Georeference LiDAR scans and photographs based on a single laser station or reference point.


Annotate onto georeferenced rock face photographs using freely customisable mapping layers.


Mark samples on rock face photographs and add Blanks, Duplicates & Standards in record time.


Auto-generated PDF reports. No more manual compiling of reports later in the office.

Cloud Sync

Easy data transfer. Press Upload and all data is forwarded to your cloud account within seconds.


Wirelessly exchange projects & settings between devices. Sharing has never been easier.

Handwriting Recognition

Handwriting gets magically converted to typed text. Powered by Artificial Intelligence.

Easy Implementation

Shallow learning curve & easy to integrate into existing geology workflows.

Cost Effective

Subscription billed per mine (no user limit) plus inexpensive hardware.

Free Updates

Rock Mapper gets better over time as new features are developed and integrated.


A modern, flexible & intuitive User Interface awaits you

LiDAR Scan

3D Point Clouds

Import & Capture

Rock Face Photographs


Geological Features


Grade Control Samples

Upload & Share

Georeferenced Datasets


Rock Mass Assessment


Our History & major Milestones

  • Aug 2018

    First Discussions

    David (programmer) and Stefan (geologist) chat about the concept of Rock Mapper after a Beach Road bike ride in Melbourne.

  • Oct 2018

    First Line of Code

    The initial concept was quite basic, but we soon added more advanced features. Extensive field tests allowed us to develop & implement practical workflows that users love.

  • Jul 2020

    Rock Mapper 1.0 Release

    First public release of Rock Mapper on the Apple App Store. A big day that we were looking forward to for years.

  • Sep 2020

    Rock Mapper Pty Ltd founded

    The very positive feedback prompted us to finally set up a proper business structure to be able to commercially interact with our clients.

  • Oct 2020

    First Licence sold

    Entering a niche market as a small company is a challenge. We were very pleased to see the quick uptake of Rock Mapper in the mining industry by our valued early adopters.

  • Sep 2021

    New Hardware Package

    A new and custom-designed, waterproof LED light array that is attached to the iPad Pro. Optimised for LiDAR scanning & face photography. All gear packed into a sturdy & compact case.

  • Oct 2021

    Rock Mapper 2.0 Release

    Rock Mapper is entering another dimension. Democratizing LiDAR and enabling the acquisition of georeferenced 3D point clouds by making use of the iPad`s LiDAR sensor.

  • Nov 2022

    Rock Mapper 2.4 Release

    Walls and Roof mapping. The smart georeferencing workflow allows for automatic 3D registration of roof and wall maps based on the reference info on the face photograph.

  • Jan 2023

    Rock Mapper 2.5 Release

    Rock Mapper is going geotechnical. A dedicated tool for rock mass assessment using Q System allows for a powerful and streamlined workflow.

  • Oct 2023

    Rock Mapper 3.0 Release

    Big LiDAR Upgrade plus new Augmented Reality (AR) Tool. Use LiDAR to generate 3D textured meshes and view them in AR.

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Working on the ultimate Mapping Experience

Stefan Vollgger

Co-Founder & Structural Geologist


The Code Cat

David Cooley

Co-Founder & Programmer


Rock Mapper is used by Clients & Partners around the Globe


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